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APRIL 2018 - Message from the Calgary Transportation Club President (Glenn Thomas)

Hello Fellow and loyal CTC Members:

Towards the end of 2017 the CTC Board of Directors voted to create a Special Committee for the purpose of reviewing the long-term viability of the club and tasked them with evaluating the future of this 50+ year old organization.  Like many other clubs and associations, the CTC has experienced tremendous shrinkage in paid membership and reduced involvement in activities in comparison to years past.  Respecting times are changing as are the needs of people to find opportunities for networking and learning, the board agreed it was time to take a serious look at the club’s purpose and direction.

The Special Committee presented their findings on the future and purpose of the club at special Board Meeting on March 16, 2018. Together the team unanimously decided to accept the Special Committee’s recommendation and a voted to direct the Special Committee to continue to work towards the renewal of the Club.  The special committee consisting of Sean Baker, Kathy Dunn, Donnalea Dolan and Yanira Fawcett will work together over the next few months in an effort to rebuild the club through a number of substantial changes. 

Also, at the special meeting several Board Members expressed an interest in leaving the Board due to other commitments and priorities. After a vote, the Board received and accepted the resignations of Kari Arthur and Tracey Pitre, Directors of the Club, and expressed sincere thanks for their work and support of the club over the years.  Also, their support for the Special Committee findings and forward renewal of the club is very much appreciated.

I have requested an Indefinite Leave of Absence and have received the Board’s approval for my Leave of Absence. The club is something I believe strongly and sincerely hope to see it get back to the stature it once was.  However also due to other priorities I do not feel I am able to dedicate the required time to the club and for that reason need to step away.  I want to make it clear that I wholeheartedly support the current Board and their mission to make our club more relevant to more people. As well, I support their efforts to build a new Board who will continue to focus on a renewal of our Club and support continuing efforts to build the transportation community in our region.

The Resignations and Leave of Absence will allow the current Board to focus on the matters at hand, with the ability to pursue changes in a time-sensitive manner.  

The CTC current Vice-President, Sean Baker, will assume the role of Chairperson and Acting President and will work with the Special Committee moving forward.

The Special Committee has identified some exciting new visions for our club and I ask all our members to support Sean and the Board in their efforts to bring forth positive change for our Club.

I thank all the Members and especially the Board of Directors for the support I received in the last three years and wish them the very best in their new pursuits for a revitalized and active club for the future.

Best Regards,  Glenn Thomas - President

Calgary Transportation Club

Since 1965 the Calgary Transportation Club has been providing an opportunity for individuals with an interest in transportation to meet on a regular basis and discuss all facets of the transportation of people and goods. The Club promotes sociability and friendship amongst its members, helps to develop a better understanding of the various modes of transportation and inspires its members to realize the importance and dignity of the transportation profession.  We all use transportation each and every day whether we realize it or not. There is not a product that we purchase, touch, or consume that has not been a part of the transportation chain at some point in its lifecycle.  The Calgary Transportation Club meets throughout the calendar year. These meetings include luncheons featuring a variety of industry related and public interest speakers, tours, social gatherings and an Annual Golf Tournament. A great way to network with industry colleagues and to gain insights into the transportation industry.